Sunday, July 26, 2009

Responding to a comment

Good question Henk: Everything is a play of consciousness so what's the meaning of it all?

One answer goes like this .... if you are looking at the particulars in life; the things that make up the phenomenal world, then everything has a purpose and its place. When a bigger picture is perceived; when all that appears to exist is seen to be the play of consciousness, then, at that point it is also understood that there is no ultimate purpose, no meaning and somehow that's ok. With the fading out of the personal perspective the perceived need of purpose and meaning to it all dissolves also.

To follow the philosophy "to hell with it and let whatever happens happen" will bring suffering because it (the 'to hell with it' part) is rooted in a rejection of what is. What non-duality points towards is a clear seeing of what is. Clear seeing means observing without comment, without running the thought of "I like .... and I dislike" what is seen. Playing your part in it all is going to happen anyway Henk, whether you jump right in or opt out. Both are options and both are paths still within the game of life. So in a way you can't get out! So ... so why not be wise and participate in life - keep your job and just be normal. Most of this non-duality material is about seeing how believing your own thoughts causes all suffering. Yet life seems to generally operate under the laws of cause and effect. For example leaving your job will bring financial instability - that's common sense. Yet on quitting your job you may win the lottery that same day! So cause and effect operates most of the time, yet there is also something else that seems to cause events to happen at random. There is no controlling life but do apply common sense and in that way you can work with cause and effect. But something within, at some unknowable depth within you is actually in the driving seat all the while. Attention can be "there" (prior to the rising of all) or attention can be a slave to your thoughts. The latter causes all suffering.
Spiritiual material points towards that which is prior and while the mind will search for it - the crazy thing is that once thoughts are not claimed to be "mine", once "my" opinions, preferences and desires are not exercised that which contains all, is all and beyond, is just there, all the time, sending up a perfume of peace, rest, completeness and happiness. But the very second mind looks for it or even notices it ...well then attention is back believing thoughts again. The movie presents as real and thoughts and emotions of course are always more interesting than peace and continued peace. Mind likes distraction/contrast but it can't quality control your thoughts, the nice will come with the unpleasant. Dropping your interest in your thoughts, not investing in your preferences/desires will lead to a shrinking and dissolving of the idea of who you think you are. This much you can do if you are drawn to action.
Henk - jump in! Why not ? The only thing you can lose is the false idea of who you think you are. Thus find out for yourself if what comes from non-duality speakers is Truth or not. Nobody can hand you to you - this is your exploration, your experience, your path. Walk it and know that it is being walked, and has been walked by many ... and all of us might be just as normal as you.


  1. Hi Jac
    When you have a desire i read in many books that you have to think about that desire make it a picture in you head and feel as if it is true. If you hold on for a while your desire will be manifest. So by focus on a thought('s)
    you create your world. Before something is manifesting it was a thought before.

    When i listen very good to your vision thoughts are not important life goes on and on by itself let thoughts not interfere in your life. Let it all just happen and be the watcher of it.

    That is very contradictive to me. It means that you never have to think about something just let life flow and what comes up it comes up.But what comes up what manifest are that thoughts in manifested forms wich you think about ?
    So, do you create or not? who is creating ?

    You proberly come up with there is no one who is creating there is just creating.

    When i hurt myself let say i break my leg who has the pain ? No one ? I FEEL TE PAIN !! i have to go to a doctor and I can't walk for a few weeks so that proofs that there is a ME and an I.
    And then who create this broken leg I/ME was it a thought before. If so then thoughts are more dangerous then you will ever know.
    Of course the same thing is happening to the good things in life.

    The more you are not trying to pay attention to your thoughts the more attention to the thoughts happens. Is that the mind ? and who is the mind thats ME thats I !!!

    ..still searching Henk

  2. Hello, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your wonderful post, thank you - I'm really loving your blog too !

  3. what my crazy controlling mind never seems to consider is... geez... what's wrong with *right now*?

    what's truly missing from this moment that needs to somehow be found or manufactured?


    dear mind: what you call "nothing" and fear so much is what i really want (underneath all the other desires):



  4. and

    turns out

    what i really want
    is what i really am

  5. Hi Jac,
    Thank you for the blog. Your pointers are gentle. Some of them confirm, some of them point deeper to what is not yet experience.

    Addictions to alcohol, nicotine and other substances is different from the addiction to thought. I wonder what you say to the problem of substance addiction.

    Thank you.

  6. Hello Jac!
    This interview resonated as "reality".

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