Friday, February 5, 2010

Spiritual progress is a load of rubbish

Hi Tom,

Thanks for highlighting this - some clarity is called for here, for sure. So here goes...

If the idea of separation is running then the concept will present that there is 'one' who is not enlightened, one who is enlightened and one who is liberated. From that perspective only, there can be an appearance of a spiritual hierarchal system. Really this, like all that can be said, is all a load of rubbish because there isn't 'one' in the first place! Enlightenment is simply the indisputable seeing that there is no 'one'; that what you thought you were was nothing more than concepts passing in consciousness. So that destroys all possibilities of one being a guru or satguru - it's just gobbledygook. Yet, everything has its place and the inward movement of the mind can continue (post enlightenment) and consciousness(presenting as separate mind) can label this as progress. That happens too.
But this is progress for whom? That's where it falls down again! There can only be a hierarchy when separation is running.
Yet, levels of consciousness present in this movie and they do not apply to any individual. There are no individuals. Consciousness throws up all concepts and somehow if the idea of separation is running then they are taken as real, right and wrong, etc. So as long as that movie is entertained consciousness will continue to imagine/present the idea of a seeker with something to achieve. This is just the play of an I and there never was any one ever really caught up in this anyway....truly there isn't any 'one' and can not be 'one'. So that leaves all of this material as just thoughts (don't make them anybody's) with no substance in any objective reality. Still consciousness presents all these concepts, and it will continue to be like this, it seems. Yes for sure - remaining as pure silence beats all of this any day in any dimension!!
A Dublin date for a satsang sitting has just been set up for March 6th and 7th.....let's see what happens!

Hey Dan - really there is nothing to understand. Being what you really are is happening; that can not be stopped or started. What you are is beyond all of this. Nothing to work out any more perhaps; let the fragrance of what you are arise and dissolve any tendency to imagine you are other than the essence of all that IS.