Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In response to comments

Hi Ramesh,
There is nothing more significant than anything else and only appears to be so in the phenomenal world. When looking through the lens of separation, only then can such differences be perceived. So yes, it can be said that no happening is ever ‘special’. All is simply a happening in consciousness and nothing phenomenal is of any interest at all. How can it be of interest? To whom, to what? So whatever consciousness plays through this form called jac, it doesn’t get pulled in any way towards the academic or intellectual or even scientific references of what is deemed normal or not. All this is seen to be just a play, a bundle of concepts sometimes taken as true by consciousness itself. From time to time, a passing interest appears during conversation for jac, but a genuine interest in something phenomenal is never present. Ultimately, such pursuits serve only to expand the ego and draw attention away from Truth.

Hi Sighclone,
“Regardless of the consciousness of the form”…? – but consciousness isn’t in the form…the form doesn’t have it’s own consciousness. If it is taken that separation is real, then, well, there are separate human beings with their own autonomy and levels of consciousness. But this has no validity outside the realm of thought. It’s a theory, nothing more than an idea taken to be true. A form can not own anything.
Then again, if your phrase was referring to happenings within the phenomenal context (which is more likely), then what you say is so.

Hi Kaushik,
Causes of suffering; addiction, depression etc. can spontaneously present an awakening. (However this seeing through of the ‘I’ thought is not liberation…there is the world of a difference between awakening and liberation, but that’s another story.) Can suffering be turned in on itself and used as a tool? Yes, Kaushik. When managing thoughts is recognised to be a path out of suffering, then yes, every ‘experience’ is no more than a thought believed to be true. Use everything, every thought that ‘catches’ your attention. Every belief system is another thread in the veil of illusion. Mind continuously presents tools to help dissolve itself. Suffering is the most potent, as it generally comprises an intense and repeated thought coupled with a desire for change. Go for it Kaushik and use the experience of suffering as your tool kit to break out of the illusion of suffering. Draw attention away from every ‘I’ thought…gently.

Hi Dan,
Addiction to the ‘I’ story is not based on the belief ‘something outside of me can make me happy/whole’. It’s not so much directly connected to the subject-object thought mechanism. Addiction to I-stories is the habit of continuing the ‘all about me’ phenomenon. Generally there are a few desires that can be exposed as key thoughts giving rise to this habit. One central thought is the desire to feel special. So variations are; I want to be loved, I want to be noticed, to be seen, valued, recognised, respected. I want to make a difference. My life should have meaning. What about me, me, me, me?
Have a look for material like this and find out what is at the core of addiction to ‘I’ stories. Do have a good laugh at what is unearthed. These beliefs are the life force of the ‘I’ story.


  1. such a pleasure to see a few new words from jac, some how a little bit of peace and calm comes across the interwebular crack box. what a fucking crazy movie!!!xxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoobutch

  2. Thanks, Jac. I'm wondering if you could elaborate on this statemnt: ". . . there is the world of a difference between awakening and liberation . . . ." Are there phases?

  3. Dear Jac -

    Just watched your delightful interview with Renate McNay on It was so refreshing to see you so full of energy -- some of the Chicago sessions were a little strained. And your wonderful clarification of the scattered resolution of beliefs and thoughts after death -- very helpful. You seem to be in excellent health in this interview, although I could not tell when it was done. I also like how you said that manifestation could be beautiful and elegant event if it was only an "appearance", not something real. Lila in Maya. Gary Weber ("Happiness Beyond Thought") will be in Tiru in January -- He's delightful and you may meet him -- or not. The telling again of your story is so compelling, Jac. Even though all our paths are different, it is the authenticity of your expression which lends compelling authority to the whole message, for those who are behind the veil of skepticism. Much love, Namaste -- Sighclone, who is Andy