Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Self Realisation is not Liberation

Self realisation, awakening and enlightenment are terms used to label the direct experience of Reality. This is not a regular experience (spiritual or otherwise) that one can have as the ‘I’ can not experience it. Yet it is a happening within the phenomenal world. The space between two ‘I’ thoughts offers this direct experience many times a day but while attention is focused on thoughts and they are taken to be real, well…then the ‘I’ movie is still more potent than the pull towards Truth.

Seeing through the matrix; realising that your perception of reality entirely hinges upon the belief that you exist as a separate individual, is for some a eureka moment but for others it goes un-noticed. In the latter case, some time (usually years) pass until it is recognised that thoughts are no longer believed. For some, a deep understanding follows; the intricacies of how creation can be taken as real is revealed. It is then that sentences from advaita such as ‘nothing ever happened’ make most sense. There is clear knowing of what is illusion and a direct knowing of what is beyond mind.

Advaita texts state that the stabilisation of self realisation leads to the ‘state’ of liberation. While the seeing through of the ‘I’ thought is the first step towards liberation; it does not automatically follow that self realisation leads to liberation in every case. From what jac has seen while travelling in the west in 2009 it seems in western cultures self realisation is taken to be the end of the line; the show is over. To a certain point this is so, yet self realisation is not liberation…there is more. What can change will continue to change against the unmoving background. To this end, the sense of the ‘I’ can again arise and desires may influence action or in some cases the pull towards total annihilation of the wandering mind continues until liberation.

Useful terms to denote the difference can be found in Indian culture; the guru is self realised and the satguru is liberated.

Manifesting as the satguru, the Absolute Seer has nothing to see. No ideas come to mind at all. Action taken is never guided by a concept. There is no sense of needing anything - ever. Liberation is the changeless state with no will, no ideas, no imagination and no doubt.

All traces of ‘I am’ can disappear, leaving no trace of individuality. What remains is consciousness experiencing consciousness. The ‘I am’ can come and go spontaneously as long as the body functions, but it is given no importance. This level of functioning of ‘I am’ is no more than an aid to existence.

The self realised can say ‘I am That’ and the liberated have realised the unreality of ‘I am’.


  1. Thank you!

    BTW I am in the process of reading your book a second time.

  2. Very usefull. It´s a subject that recently has my interest. I guess that when one is liberated he/she sees even that the brahman-story is just a story. We have to invent an all-perceiving awareness in which everything arises, in order to communicate - but than there still is a subtle I.
    The ´you are that´-sentence is, well, ulitmately just a sentence.

    The teaching has a function but at some point it has to be discarded. At least these are my (non- liberated :) ) recent thoughts about it.

    I wonder if the term Para Brahman was coined in order to show people that what we are dealing with is even beyond brahman. And beyond being beyond, cause that´s still a term - but hey we are using language. :)

    Warm greetings from the Netherlands.

  3. Hé, Arjen , good thinking in the middle of the night.
    I come just from Laya's on the french blog and commented (what an official word is that) , I said how beautiful JAC is explaining those things and then thought : Let's say it to JAC in english.

    I said there that between all paragraphs one cannot enough really be aware that every enlightenment, liberation depends on God's Will.
    And that that brings us a little bit back to the old world of churches and prayers.

    Pray for our increasing interest in Him, pray for a short cut ( I did that once and then my karmas five-folded suddenly and I withdrew my request, admitting that He knew better how it must be done with me ) but You can pray for it if you are strong ) -wow- , don't, . . or pray for empathy, some humility, , for a Lovely Mantra(m) that helps or just for a tiny bit of His Own Love, -whatever that is, the equivalent of a billion Big Bangs?.

    As for liberation, I said there in my bad french, there are a xillion forms of it - God never does the same thing twice - plus the 'Exquisite Charme' is always in the "Duality" , . . without Duality there was nobody for God to love, . and with Duality, starting from the Periphery : THE LOVE EVER GROWS, IT NEVER STOPS GROWING, like The Book Mirdad says : Love is the only stuff which increases when you give some away !

    I'm keeping in mind and it helps me a lot that an exception on "never twice" is that the last will always have preference, and often the most stupid too , not the stubborn, . . just the the stupid . . )

    JAC, on the ego association of a SatGuru , . .
    I know One of them, and He was reading the Herald Tribune and while looking to his back, I was melting away and my Brain almost exploded, . . like if I had meditated a month without stopping, . . such was is his way.

    40 years ago He said to me : "Aren't you finished your film yet?" and I was really shocked, because I just started . . .

    Now, I'm still filming . . Oh my God . .

  4. Arjen, . . according to rare Indian sources
    Brahman is just an Jiva like You are. But he is also a region, a sphere , like you are for the 5 Kilogram, 3 trillions of bacteries in your body.
    These bacteries are Souls too.

    Nothing exists without consciousness.

    Para Brahm is a higher Jiva and region in which innumerable Brahmans are existing and take their energy from.

    Like we have dumb awareness these 'high' Jivas have that too and really think they are The Almighty.
    They think that the sphere/heaven they reign are theirs.
    Like we are Brain spooled from birth they developped that idea during a longer time, like xillions of Big Bangs

    In our past we had ALL OF US such jobs and we failed to do it the right way with compassion and empathy and therefore we are in this Hell_region,
    based on Murder.
    But there are some advantages here

    There are xillions of ParaBrahms, more than electrons in our univers - like here in nature : the seeds of the sequoia and other trees. Floating around in clouds.

    Our Chakras are tunnels through which energy comes to us. Also 'Conception' in a woman happens by these tunnels.

    All Chakras can be entered by "Devotion" meaning sufficient interest in them.
    Some say : Concentration.
    Species like humanity breed because of that great interest in the second Chakra.

    In fact Each Chakra gives entrance to one of our seven bodies (to say it simple) that corresponds with these heavens/spheres/ sometimes called isles. ParaBrahm = the second of 7 heavens-
    These bodies we just have actually but our main concentration interest is in the flesh body.

    But all of these chakra_tunnels enter first the lowest Brahm region.
    A low Sub world of Brahma is ruled by a Jiva called Jehovi.
    We call that sometimes the Astral world and many jivas are there, according to their desires and karmas like we are here in this Big Bang Universe (If ever a big bang existed Hâ)

    The highest - the "Crown Chakra" gives entrance to them all, but also to start with the lowest.

    Some is also described in the BarDo , the Tibetan book of the death. It describes up to ParaBrahm

    Only humans have a Crown Chakra .
    All these so called administrators, proctors, super high Gods, Angels, Hierarchies, Powers etc. envy us for having the Crown Chakra.

    They cannot go higher than were they are.

    Fantastic good descriptions of all this is given
    in the holy book of the Sikhs with explanations
    from Nanak, Kabir, Farid, Gobind, Some Persian Saints
    Hélas like the Christians the Sikhs think after 10 human Gurus that the Book is the Guru or SatGuru

    The world has never been without a SatGuru who
    comes for helping. - Some can come just to help only one Soul -
    Some have several seekers to help.
    It's rather difficult to ascent by Jnana which is Advaida but it's easier when you find, - when you are found- by a helper , One you can trust and start loving immensly day & night ( having interest, isn't it? ) in our imperfect way but yes immediately.

  5. AnkhAton, many thanks for the extensive clear info.

    There isn´t a lot of info on the Web about Para Brahman. What I do remember from somewhere is that (according to that source) Para Brahman and Brahman ulitmately are one and the same.
    So I was thinking, perhaps they are the same, in the same sense that Atman and Brahman finally are one. So that would mean that ultimately Atman is also the same as Para Brahman. Which would make sense to me, since it is said there is only One.

    And Jac would maybe add: even One is an idea, go beyond that. Or even, you are already beyond that!

    What you wrote about Para Brahman I found very interesting, especially this:
    ¨Para Brahman is a higher Jiva and region in which innumerable Brahmans are existing [...]¨

    and this: ¨There are xillions of ParaBrahms [...]¨

    It´s mind dazzling!

    It strikes me almost as a ´koan kind of thing´,like the people who wrote these scriptures where atempting to implode the readers mind. I mean, if you think about it, it´s endlessssss...beyond any grasp.

    I guess if you would totally see this, your mind would almost fry. It seems so expansive, that the seeing has to collapse under it´s own weight - and then oneness is revealed. But this is my imagination going wild. :)

    So, what was my point again?
    O yes, I wonder if my instinct is right, that finally even the best description ultimately is totally incorrect.
    I think every distinction (like atman, brahman, and para brahman) is directly linked to the ´question´ that is being posed.They (distinctions) are ´answers´ to ´questions´, and they both arise in what Is. I can´t even say that the answer comes after the question. They both appear and cannot be seperated.

    For example, I could ask: what is beyond para brahman? And then the answer would have to be: para para brahman, right? Because all these seperate para brahmans (just like brahmans, and atmans) appear in something that is beyond everything. And we could go on with a para para para brahman... Because we are the Unchangeless.

    Perhaps this is why most teachers just stick with the term Brahman (instead of para brahman), because they simply want to point out that we are not what we think we are (this limited mind constructed being.)

    And then if a student get´s stuck in a mind made idea of Brahman (a new I), the teacher can say: listen, your are even beyond beingness - you are Para Brahman!

    Well, these are my ideas about it at the moment.

  6. I wrote so much and it's late but I come back later if Jac allows it because it's concerning DUALITY that I talk.

    The point in spirituality is that the answers are always YES & NO at the same time.

    God is Purusha & Prakiti.
    The Pratiki part is the creation.
    Compare the creation with the tiny part light we have from the sun,
    compared wit the lights of all stars in the Universe -
    We are here in the middle of counless explosions, million degrées temperatures, 0° Kelvin Colds everywhere , Black Holes everywhere and between the Dinos and the next meteor impact , . . . we are so placed here, just to do our thing.

    I said already the thing is what we desire and what we owe, have to give to other people because we once damaged them. OR WE MUST RECEIVE

    The planet is fine, it re-establed fine after the 100 million years of Dino ravage.
    Humanity is not so fine.
    Tamas is if your tendency is to destruct - meaning
    if you do that before construct and love.
    Many Jivas here are for pay-back time but we can never say that because in their middle - I mean the 6.9 billion Jivas in hyper-distress , there are a lot of very courages Souls deciding to pay their debts, . . one normally needs 10 lives for, just in one. They want to hurry up!
    Thos I have the deepest respect for.
    I think saying all this must be a horror in the eyes of the real AVAIDA.
    I like non-duality too because they point to the Beautiful Purusha aspect of God.
    But only from a veggy like JAC. - I detest "teachers" using indian philosophy but kill and torture.

    Mostly I'm expelled from forums after saying some but not by the honest ones.

    My point is that I was Initiated by a Super SatGuru Saint 40 years ago with my wife and So Happy about that fact all the seconds of my life after. And he was cremated long ago and still so close with us that it is the wonder of wonders.

    It makes our life more complicated but that's nothing compared with the joy. Most people decide you are crazy or start being angry or disturbed and often we say to much because in the inner realms by meditation ( which is be awake , 110% and have no thoughts, not one thought ) you see information and our Master asks not to talk about that but me specially, I do sometimes.

    It's because of the Siddhis, coming up inavoidable. You cannot help that. And sometimes my Master tels me to tell people things - and you think it turns out great but it's badly - but then later it was for everbodies good.
    I told a lady who she was in some lifes and she exploded and it wasn't even very bad.

    Back to the future.
    Both are true BOTH AVIADA & VAIDA, the NON & DUALITY
    From the perspective of Purusha we are a snowflock in the sun
    But to OUR perspective , we are 99,999etc DUALITY
    because we have it and feel it all the time.

    If we have some feeling of Awakening , it's tiny compared to the bullet that still can kill us.
    The Brain with the Mind using it can do little withthe idea but that depends on the person

    The main difficult point is communication.
    In this BigBang Universe there is a special type of time/space.
    If you pierce any chakra and succeed you come in another time/space continuum.
    The Idea fom many movies, Matrix etc an SF books is true. -
    Non paralell Universa which exist also and the scientist will find out that have corresponding frequencies but piercing the chakra tunnel , . . . you can be there a century and you were in meditation (or otherwise) just 5 minutes -
    So when it ends , You cannot tell, - also : your mind immediately start tellingh you it was not true. - That is the reason you have to go in there many times - To be sure

    be contunued if Jac says ok for this kind of stuff.... Hî

  7. That is the reason you have to go in there many times - To be sure it was true - It's also
    one of the reasons that Siddhis (siddis) happen

    To convince yourself that it was true sometimes somebody else.. . .

    When there is no other possibility and the person MUST come into the know.

    That's why Jesus did miracles - He didn't, . . it just happened.
    To give faith to some of the other people.

    So, time completely different between here and there

    but between the Astral and Causal world ( see my favoite books in ANKHATON on YOUTUBE )

    this flabbergasting differences between those two is much greater.

    There again is such a tunnel to go into the causal world - betwteen those two of YOUR bodies - your astral and causal body - the second and third of . . . SEVEN -
    t's more rare because many people in the high astral only see a sublime light in that heaven (as opposed to here) and presume God there but it's Brahma's light most of the time - it's not Brahmas light in ca&se of a a voyager- and their longing to know more and be re-incarnated (to pay some debt first) comes from that view.

    But that high light-when the time comes- you have to pierce too- and there the importance of a Gurl or Guy with a very big G comes up)

    SHe did this voyage many times already and because you love Him/Her her so terribly - you had never such a crush, , . . you can with Her help be TOTALLY ONE with Him/Her and being one She takes you with Him/Her HÂhÂ.

    Can you imaging? - Spirituality is BIG FUN - The real lazy mans / womans way -

    You have just to love . . . Love something so terribly lovable that you cry all the time . . . .

    be contunued if Jac says ok for this kind of stuff....

  8. Yes, Arjen - I think y'r very correct.
    If there was an End , a center a super giga param,
    there would also be an end to the love.
    I mean a maximum of Love
    But real Heaven is that it EVER grows.

    The Beauty is in the Process.
    God is giga dynamic, . . not static at all. Hâ

    What I said about not believing yourself , that
    happens just at the start
    while IN the tunnel.

  9. Arjen said :
    "So, what was my point again?
    O yes, I wonder if my instinct is right, that finally even the best description ultimately is totally incorrect.
    I think every distinction (like atman, brahman, and para brahman) is directly linked to the ´question´ that is being posed. They (distinctions) are ´answers´ to ´questions´, and they both arise in what Is. I can´t even say that the answer comes after the question. They both appear and cannot be seperated.""

    Yes . . right, beautifully said, . . but everything is Yes, yes and No and more
    They call it in the Adi Granth : Wonders above Wonders Above Wonders and It never stops
    and it's completely different for each of us.

    One of the Wonders will contain the answers but you might be distracted by the 'Grandeur' of the Love to keep up much attention to them or you 'forgot' the questions.

    But you didn't forget your love ones on this earth and might choose to help and incarnate .

    These 'Avatars' come from all those seven regions of the 'pyramid' of this type of illusion.
    They can bring jivas to the hight were they themself came from.
    They can be recognized by the chakra tunnel they tell disciples to concentrate on, after deselecting many first by some normal ethical principles like veggyness, money, power, sex favors, isolating seekers, hypno, avoiding questions and big time paid advertising.

    The Highest Saints SatGuru Avatars give the Gift of the Holy Ghost like Christ did.

  10. Jac said :
    Guru : Self Realization
    SatGuru : Liberation

    And if it was the inverse ?
    Liberation comes in the second 2/7 region where and when the last tiny karmas°° are nullified.

    Self Realization is by absorbing the 7th region or better to say feeling cozy in its Own 7th body. - And again : It always Grows.

    As Arjen said this numbering - giving names and projecting is somewhat stupid, . . . it's always bad semantics when taling the non-talkable.

    °° Karmas :
    We can give back All that we took , . . stole , receive back what was taken from us.
    For a low inclined jiva like myself it would take so many lives. - My descent was so long, dirty and painfull through the ages and Big Bangs

    But mediatation , enjoying the Lovely Vibrations of The Holy Ghost each time different and more exalting, that regulates tons of karmas per second, . . really.
    it's Gods way to forgive.

    I was so lucky that a great man visited us during 90 minutes in Europe while He was physically in India, - He spoke our dutch language which he didn't speak when we later visited in India.
    He came to Holland just like "beam Me over Scotty' to explain about the Holy Ghost and the big big time extremely importance of vegetarism and how meat from agony and suffering keeps this sad chaurasi going All the time, AND the wars AND the disasters and all these things when people cry
    "Why, . . my God ? . -
    He had a Seiko watch, Parker balpoint and Ray-Ban with Him, all beamed over
    If these companies knew all that, (Hâ) but they also would point to stupid projections
    as do so many . .

    And why do I add this in Jac's Blog ?
    Because Jac and some Readers, Members here are veggies and we big time applaude that.

    NO VIOLENCE is so shockingly rare actually in the advaida world of the web, where 'teachers' kill and say it doen't matter, . . Once you understand them and feel awakened , karma cannot affect, they say.
    This is such an extreme offense to God and Ramana Maharshi if He could be offended . . . .

  11. 很喜歡你的部落格風格,期待你的更新!........................................

  12. How to invite a Personal Saint ?
    Just wish it, and if it's louder
    than the rest
    God comes lighning speed in this His duality
    straight through these spheres which are within us

    every desire must be fulfilled !
    .......... No Sushis offered

  13. After blessed Arjen @ , . .
    said in Chinese:


    meaning acc. to google :
    "Very much like your blog style,
    Look forward to your updates"

    So I did, thinking it an Invitation
    because the points at the end where in yellow
    which only one person can do.

    Jac , you didn't wipe it, . . . you didn't block me.

    Big Time Vive Jac, . . is a Song now in All of the above 7 Heavens
    for which me doing translation work here
    whithout any other values at all.

    "He has Thousand fingers at His Trigger !"

    A beautifull Mantra(m) from Adi Granth
    It means :
    " HE DOES WHAT HE WANTS" in a xillion ways, . . . . . WHATEVER HE WANTS
    It really means : He takes the lowest of Dirt and glorifies Her
    He hardly sees the learned ones, the pious ones . .
    He's seeing the tears, . . real tears, . . not the tears for oneselve, the real ones
    tears born from empathy, . . compassion

    Just typing the Paragraphes of that Holy Book
    translated -more beautiful than Shakespeare- by Dr.Gopal Singh,
    every day a page ( there are >1000 )
    would save any Soul.

    And Jac would say Souls are already saved !

    But for those who cannot do the Jnana to see that
    or have no little IQ or to much of it
    to do that, . . or are weak, retarded like me
    , . . . the following is
    a nice story :

    "The Way of a Pilgrim"

    The Pilgrim passed some Siberian village
    and there was a very bad very villain boy
    there and no punishment did work

    Then the Pelgrim said : "Let Him repeat the Jesus Prayer
    ( which was an Orthodox Mantram , also advised in the PhiloKalia )
    50,000 times".
    "Jesus Christ , . . have Merci on my soul" , it was

    Next, . . years later he passed again that village and said
    where is the boy ?

    And they said : he's still in that room where you
    have put him repeating your prayer
    and Light is pouring out of Him everywhere.

    It was my first spiritual book after Mirdad and never forgot that story
    and when my Holy Friend, gave me a mantram
    of five words I really never ever stopped repeating them

    no light comes from me but tears of Joy.

  14. Thank you for the post Jac..raises one familiar question here..I know little of these significance of these phrases guru/satguru and am weary of their use for the following they not imply a hierarchal spiritual system. A ladder for a lesser one to ascend up along..meaning one is better more desirable or more true etc than another..sorry this may seem a very obvious question :)
    Anyhow only just spotted you today for first time..and am happy to have done so! Would have jumped at chance of hearing you in dublin back in sep..hope you return there again. unfortunately unable to travel to limerick/Galway due to personal circumstances. Ok..Great to see your presence on net. Am off to listen to your interview with scott kiloby. All the best, Tom

  15. Hi Tom@, . .
    You touch straight to the
    social structure of heavenly bodies
    as we are.

    If there is a God, we assume that he is not a complete Stupid.

    So with this Giant Wisdom of Him, this system of :
    The first being the last
    The Lowest being the Highest
    The Emptyness to the fullest

    but evil : on the bottom of the Ocean

    Perhaps it works !

    There is a short SF story about a giant flying saucer
    coming and floating above Madrid
    and when the Correda starts
    and the first spear enters the Torro's neck, . .
    instead of the usual : "OLE"

    the whole audiance cries and feels the pain,

    and on the other side of the planet a wife batterer is feeling the
    strucking on his own stomach

    That would be nice, . . . I really pray
    each day for this new system to come asap

    In the mean time I try to be as aggressive without anger (difficult)
    as possible to the torturers and murderers for lust only
    while thinking that Jesus did that too.

    'They' conveniantly write Jesus was cursing the loan sharks and gamblers in the Temple
    but BE 100% sure it were the killers of the lambs overthere
    he targeted
    and the jeru mafia killed Him because of that.

    I have the deep conviction that no sin on earth in thousand fold can compete
    with just One murder for lust of the tongue, . .

    not to survive but
    just for pleasure.

    I am enchanted with God for efforts from activists sometimes made
    against this horror by any individual. They are the real very highest
    on this Hierachical Jacob ladder you mention.
    Please take note !

    My opinion is that all those good willing writers and teachers and their half
    sleeping followers, . . piously singing of 'Love comme ci' - 'Love comme ça'

    they SHOULD FIGHT and FIGHT against this horror of overkill on this
    100% hell like burning dancing cave where we are.

    But when I ask(ed) them , . . . I am often banned or ignored.
    Mr Tolle forgot the base of all things.

    Krishna said to Arjen "Not acting" produces Heavy Karma too.
    Same for not speaking !

    On hierachy :
    Please see my song : "Jesus in the Slaughterhouse"

  16. Thanks for you reply Ankaton..not quite sure in understanding all you said but thank you..yes may we cease to cause pain to one another..and amy the ufos land soon to take us to the 5th dimesion ;) I tried to see your blog but was not allowed am interested in the simplicity of no stance.. no past masters or matters or story fixiing.. A big fat zero with no one home..haha how different our matter. I am interested in what is said when there is nothing more to say. Mouths on empty heads. wish u well.Tom

  17. Hi Tom@ again -There is nothing in that Blog - it was an upsurge. - The Title is enough ! -A Statementon behalf of Ramana - And I didn't read the blog-manual - and copy/paste didn't seem to function - you may go to youtube - it's simple and it will be preserved for 101 years - what i learned is in the faforite books there - at the end of the profile - -

    You REALLY think that with our access to less than a billionth % of the spectrum of this universe and in that small part an amazing to the 14th power up_zoomed macrocosmos and equal far microcosmos - there are still no devices to see a living virus - , . .that the CREATOR is a simple thing, ready to grab ?

    And avaidaticly spoken You are That, Yes I agree, . . but your brain is apart from it's atoms totally NOT THAT.
    You know that your 'reality' is half a second AFTER the real happenings. - That's last week or as Jac said once:"Where were you THEN ?
    On the french blog there was a point if Jac said 34 years ago or 3 years ago - I added or 340 big bangs ago. It's the same Where were You ?

    Your consciousness in this space/time is an old incomplete wiki !

    Are you sure you will have this simple zero-stance in your next live ? - Don't you want to know ? -
    I guess you have a quarter of my age - Don't people want a Map these days before travelling.

    What you describe is agnostc, more passive than atheisme but you are young.

    I must have been rather boring about how romantic spirituality can be and the wonders still happening in it each day.
    Those things come, . . if one is quite interested in where he came from.

    And with The Holy Ghost audible all the time , heaven is present too here and now.
    Plus a Lover you can count on!

    I wish you more than well, . . The All Best!

    I'm so happy that you agree on the slaughtering.

  18. ah no longer young Ankhaton, no. Peace in your day

  19. and my writing here the basis for such a grand
    campaign - this time not to the meat eaters

    So, to start I sent a message to :
    Dear David Hoffmeister

    He is a great devotional singer but God wants Him to join the Campaign, Mr Tolle too d'ailleurs. . .
    This is the txt and I hope so much readers here will copy/paste to every habitant of this earth

    Hi St Francis, . . I tried to send a message to Mr Tolle as follows - Do You know the way ?
    I tried to message Mr Tolle about this but
    don't know how.

    I hope you may see, interprete this, as a message coming from this Jesus Christ who was HIMSELF so appalled by what he saw in the Temple that He TOOK ACTION !

    Action against those Slaughters of The Lambs and took a WHIP. - - Please note : A WHIP !
    Nobody helped Him . . . .
    Later they wrote this Giant Lie , . . He targeted Usurpers, Whores and Bookies !

    There is a short SF story - - -
    strucking on his own stomach
    - - - - - - - this is above, that story

    That would be nice, . . . I really pray
    each day for this new system to come asap

    In the mean time I have a HOLY QUEST & try to be as aggressive without anger (sometimes difficult)
    as possible to the torturers and murderers for lust only and enchanted
    while thinking that Jesus did that too !!!!!!! - I wrote already earlier but not so clear.

    So 'They' conveniently write Jesus was cursing the loan sharks and gamblers in the Temple
    but BE totally 100% sure it were the killers of the lambs over there,
    Jesus The Essener was targeting, . . .
    and the Jeru mafia killed Him because of that. . . . nothing else

    I have the deep conviction, which is Big Time confirmed in meditation, . . that
    no sin on earth in a big thousand fold can compete
    with the just One murder for lust of the tongue, . .

    not to survive but
    just for pleasure.

    I know You David and many Tolle people are vegies.

    But now with the Climate en plus -( See my YouTube song : Jesus ) Our Own Children are at the stake !!!
    See also my song Shandora about this but I think you have !

    I am enchanted with God seeing efforts from activists -even if they are
    complete atheists, agnostic, big 'sinners' and further ignorant- , the efforts they
    sometimes make
    against this horror in God's eyes.
    They are the real coming very highest
    on the Hierachical Jacob ladder of Heaven.
    Please take note !

    My opinion is that all those good willing writers and teachers and their half
    sleeping followers, . . piously speaking & singing of 'Love comme ci' - 'Love comme ça'

    they SHOULD FIGHT and FIGHT and FIGHT against this horror of overkill on this
    100% hell like burning dancing cave where we are.

    But when I ask(ed) them , . . . I am often banned or . . . ignored.
    I will soon die and try to put this message on many web plaves

    They should while singing ask themselves what God might wish first.
    Mr Tolle forgot the base of all things.


    Why we are exactly placed in the middle of this slaughter . . . . . ?
    To sing ?

    Krishna said to Arjuna "Not acting" produces Heavy Karma too.
    Same for not speaking !

    Perhaps that UFO isn't there yet to make us SPEAK !

    Again : Mr Tolle forgot the BASIS OF ALL 'REAL HUMANITY'
    and he should repair that.

    I have spoken written and heard so many Miracle Book followers , really sleeping in
    their Rime "WE LOVE US, . . US", whithout the cows
    that this book i seems almost
    a conspiracy from the devil,
    who during centuries very well hided the graveness of this sin of silence
    under , -depending of the religion- a ,mountain load of minor 'sins' , to lure
    humanity in this Crazy Burning Dancing Cave Chaurasi for ever.


  20. - - sorry for the extreme duality in that last
    prayer and Tom , if old too , instead of the zero option, just wish a nice thing and you will have it . . -

  21. geez... it's so clear i don't know anything. back to square one. wondering.

    can't wait to see you again, jac. meanwhile this dream will last as long as it will last i guess. something here is able, at least, to know that you speak, you are, the truth.


  22. Just curious - What is that little cross or spot onthe right side under in some of our little portraits ?

  23. Its the Google sign AnkhAton..probably signifies having a gmail account or some other such google releated on a pic and u will see..OR ELSE its a designated mark to show who amongst us are the choosen ones to be saved at the last trumph ;)Peace..

  24. Thank You Tom . .
    So, . . it's a little Trumpet

    for those who must blow the trumpet :-)
    I'll ask Google
    I didn't know BLOGSPOT was googles
    Peace too

  25. 失去金錢的人,失去很多;失去朋友的人,失去更多;失去信心的人,失去所有。 ..................................................

  26. 頭髮 ................................

    There I cannot agree at all :
    Everybody can make new 'set ups' - at any moment -
    better even,
    it's even part of the reason that we are here
    It's not really 'confidence ' . .
    Most of the time little adjustments do !

    Somebody's sending His Giant Love to You . . .

  27. for Arjen :
    Als je mééer wilthoren,
    kandat inhet NL s op
    m'n muziek site of gmail

  28. Can Jac respond to this…
    Jac says,
    'There is clear knowing of what is illusion and a direct knowing of what is beyond mind.'

    There is the desire to simply sit. How can one just sit with the world breathing down the neck. There is a knowing here-but it is hidden deep within, with darkness all around and can only be seen, or more appropriately felt, as a tiny pin prick of light. There is a lot of fear. Fear of the future, fear that this can't last, fear that things will not turn out okay, fear that money will run out.
    Can one just sit and wait for the world to dissolve? This requires a tremendous amount of faith and courage.

  29. You are so right - it requires to much but also little
    But it is a big changement if you feel you had given some of your love away.

    I believe I said it already but Love , How minuscule and you give some away it mutiplies.
    The only stuff doing that .

    Therefore many of us, Jac included, are vegetarians to outpure
    love and that works immediately.

    You see a Cow -even on TV- and you say : My God, . . I'm not your ennemy, your torturer.
    That is already a great feeling.
    And these kind of thinks, you can always improve
    and increase and THEN sit and see what happens
    with you . . .

  30. Attended Jac's Satsang in Boston (Weston) tonight. So beautiful! I'm lucky enough to be going tomorrow night as well.

    It's interesting how true the words of all enlightened people feel, even though they use different words, terminology, and concepts to point to the ultimate yet simplest state of being, which is free of mind and concepts.

    And we are so lucky to be able to have contact with so many current and recent enlightened people, including Jac, Gangaji, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. There are probably lots more, too.

    David Spector
    NSR Meditation/USA

  31. This level of functioning of ‘I am’ is no more than an aid to existence.

    The self realised can say ‘I am That’ and the liberated have realised the unreality of ‘I am’.

    Thats a bit dangerous because the Inner Divinity sais that " I am ".
    So if anyone does not hear it they think that they are liberated.Its not good what you write.

  32. Self realisation IS Liberation !!!!

  33. Jac, you shouldn't write such blogs.You are wrong.

  34. Self realization is Liberation
    really dropping the thought "I am"
    for : " You are Me ! "
    but You still exist
    ( as opposed to what many youtube teachers say)

    google "the-why-of-the-creation"

    give me a thumb or a flower

    I started lately

    God is a Giant Love producing machine"

  35. I'd had a conversation with a Medicine Person last year, they said the same thing and also added we're not getting out of here until we're all ready to leave en mass.

  36. Is it okay to post part of this on my website basically post a hyperlink to this webpage?
    david hoffmeister